The Producers contributing their time and effort to bring The 2nd Annual Artivist. Film Festival and 2005 Artivist Awards to fruition are as different as the causes they represent. The Producers’ table is a virtual United Nations with board members hailing from the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Caribbean.

To participate as a Producer, Patron, Volunteer, or in another capacity, contact Founder Diaky Diaz:

~ Board of Directors ~

The Artivist Film Festival and Artivist Awards is produced and managed by the board of directors of The Artivist Collective, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Diaky Diaz, Bettina Wolff, and Christopher Riedesel have a hands-on combined experience in business administration, film production management, finance and operations. The Board-members of the Artivist Collective successfully funded, produced and managed the seven day, 1st Annual Artivist Film Festival and The 2004 Artivist Awards at the Egyptian Theatre in April 2004. The Board members guided and managed a staff of over 80 volunteers during its 9 month production of the Artivist Film Festival, and oversaw all day to day operations.

Diaky Diaz

Founder – President – Executive Producer
Diaky Diaz A native New Yorker, Diaky arrived in Los Angeles five years ago to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Since then she has written and produced 2 short films, worked as a unit production manager on an independent feature, and directed / produced a documentary about teens growing up in the Los Angeles Foster Care system. In 2003, Diaky founded The Artivist Film Festival, an activist – artist film festival, and incorporated a non-profit organization, The Artivist Collective, with partner Bettina Wolff. Christopher Riedesel, a long time friend and experienced production-finance manager, came on-board as Finance Director and Board Member. Together with Bettina and Christopher, Diaky managed all daily operations for The Artivist Collective, including receiving its 501c3 non-profit status and producing the organization’s 1st Annual Artivist Film Festival and Awards. Currently, Diaky manages daily operations for The Artivist Collective, the 2nd Annual Artivist Film Festival and The 2005 Awards. Diaky’s goal is to continue a career as a festival and television producer, all focusing on activist programming.

Bettina Wolff

Vice President of Operations – Executive Producer
Raised in the dictatorship of former East Germany, Bettina grew up surrounded by political, free thinking artists who risked their lives for freedom of expression. Having a liberal, artistic family, gave Bettina the opportunity to develop an independent, critical mind. Bettina relocated from Berlin to the United States six years ago. Since moving to the U.S., Bettina has earned an Associate in Business, a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Studies and is currently finishing her Masters in Psychology. Art, Education and Activism have always been a personal priority in Bettina’s life. Currently, Bettina serves on the Board of Directors for the Artivist Collective, as V.P. of Operations for The Artivist Film Festival and Artivist Awards. Bettina’s goal is to continue serving the organization’s Board and ensuring a fruitful future for the Artivist Film Festival and The Artivist Collective.

Christopher Riedesel

Vice President of Finance – Executive Producer
Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies – concentration in Film, Christopher moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 1998 to pursue a career in film production. Christopher’s affinity for Art and Activism motivated his decision to partner with close friends Bettina Wolff and Diaky Diaz on creating The Artivist Collective and producing the Annual Artivist Film Festival. Between the three of them, they set forth to create an ambitious activist vision. Currently, Christopher serves on the Board of Directors as V.P. of Finance, his dual function is to track all finances and manage day to day operations. Christopher will continue working with The Artivist Collective, educating the general public on the need for art, education and activism in our communities.